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Trimming a hydraulic hose

Trimming a hydraulic hose

Trimming a hyraulic hose is a pretty simple task - when you know what you are doing! The first time, it can be a bit daunting when you don't know what to find. This article is designed to share quick tips to make the job that bit easier, with a photo gallery to guide you.

This is the first of our workshop galleries, designed to make light work of simple jobs that benefit from a few quick tips. Once you have read this article, have a look at the process in the gallery (here) designed to step you through it.

We are looking at trimming down a hydraulic hose. You will probably want to do this after fitting your new brakes, to remove the excess cable. By making sure your cable run is optimium, you reduce the chance of snagging, increase the power of your brakes (less hose to bulge under braking) and keep the lines super clean. I am a stickler for clean lines and have been known to trim cables by 10mm to get them 'just right'!


Before you start any job, collect the tools you need to get it done. Nothing is going to hamper you more than running off for a screwdriver half way through! For this, you will need:

8mm open ended spanner
Small flat bladed screwdriver
Sharp cable cutters
Cloth, rag or paper towels (brake fluid is corrosive!)


Since you are going to be opening up the hydraulics, you want to make sure your bike is stable and not propped up by the lever! Sounds simple, but if your bike falls and the lever is pressed, you are going to vent some fluid!

Now you have prepped your tools, have a look at the process in the gallery - here, designed to step you through it. Read the notes along with the pictures and trimming your hose should be a breeze - and you should not need to bleed your brakes afterwards either!

Snipping the excess off Hydro hose from a new set of HOPE's

NB - this example refers to HOPE hoses. Other makes may vary. Make sure you test your brakes after doing any work on them and riding where you really need to stop!

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