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Lapierre release 2009 range details

by Phil on 5th August 2008

You've no doubt seem Lapierre bikes under the likes of Nico and Danny Hart. For 2009, the range gets a revamp and are bound to get the bike lust flowing. The DH-920 looks stunning, liberal use of carbon saves weight across the range and the new Froggy adds to the mix.
The 2009 range of Lapierre are shown here. Details are floating around on all the bikes so I've decided to highspot the two that our core readers will find most interesting - the revamped full-on DH bike and the all new freeride bike.

The DH920 is fully reworked to make it more of a race bike. It's now lighter, drops from 230mm to 200mm travel, lower BB and looses the adjustable head angle. It gains a whole host of neat features like built in fork bumper and, interestingly, an integrated bottom bracket to allow 73mm cranks to work. Handling is sharper and more direct, expect this bike to be up there on the WC podiums under the right pilot.

The full bike comes kitted with the awesome new Saint group and weights a claimed 17.2kg.

New to the range, the Froggy is a freeride bike with 180mm travel - designed to hit the downs hard but pedal back up. It makes use of the more XC based as the Spicy and Zesty.

Headtube comes in at 66 degrees, making it pretty stable and builds around 16kg shouldn't make pedalling too much of a chore.

Availability very soon and we hope to be putting the DH bike through it's paces for a full hands on review.

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