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Counterparts DVD review

Counterparts DVD review

The bad news is the seasonal germs have hit me: I am floored and the weekend's planned trail developments were shelved in favour of a warm duvet and hot Lemsip. The good news is that last week, the latest Aaron Chase riding instalment hit the mat courtesy of Chilli Video. What better way to spend a sick Sunday that reviewing a riding film?!

Counterparts is billed as 'raw, gritty and in your face', the movie follows Aarons lifestyle as he 'hangs with the bros', shredding with whomever... wherever.

Whatever! That's what is says on the sleeve - but you can read that for yourself and are after a bit of detail.

This is more than a dirt jump movie - Counterparts features more than a dose of DH hucking, road trip, Whistler slopestyle, street, park and BMX. Most people are catered for except the hardcore race heads, who may be better off waiting for Earthed 3! Racing is the only genre that jumps out at me as missing...

Footage is a mix of BMX movie style with riders having their own 'section' with infills and outtakes mixing it up to keep you interested. The tricks come thick and fast with flairs being pulled off dirt quarters and hand plants over dirt spines showing the progression of dirt riding. It's not all tech though - riders throw down the big, ballsy drops in the back country too.

As for chilling with the Bro's, the line up is pretty impressive - the likes of Eric Porter, John Jesme, Darren Berrecloth, Paul Basagoitia and Cameron McCaul join Arron Chase himself. Top riders and proper skills on display - while not taking themselves too seriously!

Those of us with a liking for gee-tar backed music will love the tunes - from the requisite Thrash Metal to chilled, floaty guitar riffs to suit the riding.

Some amusing extras round out the DVD (what self respecting DVD is without extras?) - including the sections 'jumping over sh!t' and 'mayhem', that had me laughing so much, I was close to testing the rumour that a bit of wee comes out!

The ultimate test - this movie has been spun at least 5 times already, proving that even the racer in me can enjoy some varied riding but even better, Mrs. Slaves keeps saying 'Wow!' and 'I like this track' so you may well entertain the lady in your life too, even if it's not her first choice!

Running at just under 40 minutes for the main feature, plus extras, this is available for 19.99 from Chilli Video right now!

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