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ROAM by The Collective

ROAM by The Collective

The Collective was one of the most highly praised and well reviewed mountain bike films last year. The Collective are back and their next offering, ROAM, ups the pace but keeps the beautiful production intact. From Whistler to Prague via the slickrock of Moad, the footage is polished and the riding inspiring - read on for the ROAM review.

To ROAM is to search for something new...

The Collective crew have certainlly been searching - and come up with a fantastic sequel to the movie that was so progressive in terms of film style. A chilled out narrative introduces the DVD which kicks off with some real back almost virgin country trails, somewhere in BC. The production is so lush and involving, you can almost smell the fog and taste the loamy soil.

Just as the Collective, zipwires are used extensively which give a surreal but up close angle on the action. Following Darren Berrecloth through the Shore at tree top height is a surreal but intimate and absorbing feeling, especially on a big TV!

Whistler Bike Park, BC

The Whistler section totally blew me away. Tyler Morland kicks it into gear and straight away there's more of a racer feel to this movie - the speed is tangible. Then, all of a sudden, he hits a trail junction and Nathan Rennie bears down on him and cuts infront, before a Morland-mounted headcam kicks in to tail Rennie. The pair tear apart the park, picking different lines before two riders are seen coming together again. This time it's Rennie and Adam Billinghurst, into A-Line, who nearly T-bones Steve Romaniuk, who then nails the famous A-line drop. Kenny Smith and Chris Dewar join the fray before a huge 4-man down the 4X course to the village, no doubt before a cold water from Longhorns and back up to rip it again. How fast? Amazing...

Rennie cuts infront of Tyler

While I am not a trials fan, the flow and street like approack of Ryan Leeches section was interesting and the filming, as always, jaw dropping.

On to Moab, Utah. Jordie Lunn and Wade Simmonds ride the steepest slickrock with speed and flow, unlike the old stop-start slickrock trail photos I used to see in MBUK 'back in the day'. They take some time to build a crazy canyon gap and bust moves that scare the hell out of me!

A big backcountry gap somewhere near Moab

Staying with Jordie, it's on to his backyard playground and you see why he stays at the top of his game. Jordie and Cam McCaul session the trails with some awesome zipwire footage. That's what you can do when your Dad has a spare big of woods and a dumptruck full of dirt.

Mid backflip view from a zipwire

The racing feel is reinforced with "that Peaty moment" from Fort Bill that we all know and love, despite the fact that it's on most videos. What you don't often get to see is "one week later"... Steve sessioning Sun Valley singletrack with Andrew Shandro, flat out dusty berm drifts on perfect singletrack.

ROAM packs in some awesome riding from some of the Worlds best rider. Captured with stunning cinematography and innovative filming techniques, it's obvious a lot of care and thought has gone into setting up shots and angles to get the mood and feel the guys wanted.

From the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains to Moroco and Prague, the ROAM crew have definately been searching. Searching for the perfect trail, the perfect angle and the perfect light. Just watch the "making of" section in the extras to appreciate the camera rigs, zipwires, scaffold towers and runways used to capture the action. They were searching, and I think they found it!


Time : 44:20 plus extras.

The extras are decent and well bundled. The one that got me most was the Specialized section. Watch the guy just ride into the building and park his bike by his desk. How cool? The making of section was also cool and worth checking out just exactly how much effort goes into a slick movie like this!

RRP - 21.95 (get it post free from here)

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