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NeoGuard neoprene mudguard

NeoGuard neoprene mudguard

The eagle eyed racers out there may well have spotted this product already on the Rapid Racers team bikes. I saw Paul Mackie running one at Gethin and asked more. Here's the press release...

Finally there is now a fantastic new innovative mudguard that's super lightweight (only 29 grams for the LARGE version), efficient, and a fantastic ADVERTISING BANNER for any COMPANY / BRAND or RACE TEAM...

There is nothing else like this product on the market and they are available to buy for the very first time anywhere in the world from NOVEMBER 16th.

We introduce the "NeoGuardTM" a flexible neoprene mudguard, one of the most efficient and light mudguards on the planet. Top Elite Downhill racers have been screaming out for this type of product to be designed and produced, and now RapidRacerProductsTM have a patent pending on this innovative mudguard.

The NeoGuardTM comes in 3 sizes; LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL, you simply chose the size that fits the travel of your forks, and it's very simple to fit.

Riding Application

Downhill - It's absolutely perfect for the downhill racer, no longer will you have to run a nasty cut up piece of inner tube to spoil the look of your £5,000 race bike, you will not need to run tear offs and you can even have your own team logo's printed on it.

XC - It's essential for the XC & Enduro rider, it adds virtually no weight and keeps your vision clear lap after lap, mile after mile.

AM - Finally let's not forget the all mountain weekend warrior, it easily rolls up and can be placed in your pocket or backpack in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. No more riding around with a heavy ugly plastic mudguard attached just in case it rains. No longer will you have to give a free ride to pounds of unwanted mud as the unique NeoGuardTM sheds the mud every time the fork compresses... PERFECT!

The DH version of the NeoGuardTM

We offer a Standard and Enhanced custom logo service available for all sizes for a few pounds, additional colour options for the NeoGuardTM will be available in the future.

The best news yet to come….this fantastic new innovation only retails for £13.95 + p&p. Initially this will only be available to order on-line via the RapidRacerProductsTM website whilst we sort out our UK & International retail/distribution network (enquiries welcome). We have a trade pricing structure in place which is volume dependant, please make all enquiries as follows:

GENERAL/PUBLIC - info@rapidracerproducts.com
TRADE - trade@rapidracerproducts.com

RapidRacerProductsTM is a brand new company developed by downhill racers Craig Bromley and Paul Mackie from the RapidRacers UK Downhill Race Team. Look out for many more new innovative products coming soon from RRP.

We have attached a couple of pictures of the prototype's, the production models arrive in the UK shortly and will be on sale from 16th November 2007, get in now and pre-order your first NeoGuardTM in advance.

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