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Ghetto wheeljig

Ghetto wheeljig

Keeping your wheels riding tight need not cost a fortune in expensive tools. This wheel jig has more than earned it's keep, building wheels for the various DH riders on teams I've ridden for in the last few years.
Last month's 'Homemade' DIRT mag got my memory going and I dug out these pictures of my homemade wheel jig.

Forget the fancy jigs, all you've got to do is hold your wheel steady, giving it a solid reference to the points you are truing against. A couple of old planks were put to use to build a sturdy frame to hold the hub.

Once the hub is held firm, you need to be able to gauge the side-to-side and up-and-down movement of your rim. Simple - mount a couple of thin strips of wood and job's a good 'un.

Give 'er a spin, tweak the nipples and you've got a tough wheel ready to roll. This jig has helped me produce wheels for loads of riders, from smash and dash rock garden riders to some first class World Cup racing rim wreckers. Sorted.

Next step is to carve it up to accept a 150mm bolt through rear wheel!

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