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Dirtworker portable pressure wash

Dirtworker portable pressure wash

Every now and then a product comes along that really does promise to make your life easier. I could certainly do with some of that - and I'm sure you could too, so let's check out the Dirtworker, a 12V powered portable pressure wash.
The Dirtworker is a compact and self contained 12 volt powered portable pressure washer. The plastic moulded body is also the water reservoir, so you fill it up with water, chuck it in the van and head out for your ride or off to the races. When you're done riding, plug it in to your 12v power, connect the hose and turn it on. Simple - and very clever!

All the parts needed are stored neatly in a mesh saddlebag and held in place with neat velcro tabs. There's probably a bit of space in there for a couple of brushes or cleaning gear too.

After each fill, the first job is to purge air from the hose. Don't fit the gun just yet, immerse the open end of the hose in the tank and run the Dirtworker until the bubbles stop. This purges air from the system so you get maximum pressure without airlocks.

Once it's plugged in and purged of air, you're ready to rock. The gun has an adjustable nozzle that gives you a choice of 3 different spray patterns - fine mist, spray and jet.

Have a look at the below video to see how to connect it and set the spray pattern:

The power cable is pretty long (just don't shut it in your door!) and let's you place the unit a decent distance from the power. The included hose is also plenty long too, around 13 feet, giving loads of range to wander around your bike while you wash it, without having to reposition the Dirtworker.

Plenty of range on the 13 foot hose

The vital question is would this little piece of kit do enough work to shift the dirt from a ride? We've only had a couple of chances to try it out so far but the performance has been faultless. Some time later on in the winter I'll get proper loppy just in the name of science and get some before and after shots to show what one tank full can do to a filthy DH bike.

The built in tank gave enough volume to clean up my neglected mud encrusted bike and on a recent night ride, the 14 ltire tank was enough to give 3 lightly muddy XC bikes a quick once over. From the spec, it out to give 7 minutes time of cleaning at full power from one tank.

The jet reaches a good 20 feet. Water fight anyone?!

I found the spray (middle) setting the best for cleaning, giving a good flow and rising light and loose dirt off the bike very quickly. The spray helps for more tenacious dirt as well as hard to reach areas such as cassettes and round the pivots and bottom bracket.

With a surprising amount of power on tap from such a small unit, the jet had a range of around 20 feet. Powerful enough to clean the gunk but not so strong you have to worry about your bearings or stickers.

While the Dirtworker is nowhere near as powerful as a large 240V or petrol pressure washer, and doesn't do the job as quickly, it more than compensates for any lack of power in it's awesome ease of use and portability. It's also less likely to lead to the early demise of bearings through excess pressure.

So far, I'm very impressed. At a little over a foot high and not much longer, it's easy enough to carry around so this will be coming on a lot of rides with me, and be in the team pit at all the races. Check back later in the winter when I'll give the longer term verdict on what so far is an excellent tool.

For more information or to purchase on-line, visit
Service is fast and efficient. In stock now for a very reasonable 84.99.

Telephone: 0845 128 5043

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