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Tacos chainring guard from e13

Tacos chainring guard from e13

The e13 LG-1 is pretty much the definitive light weight chain guide on the DH circuit right now. It's much lighter than the old SRS but lacked any bash guard. Taco's are now available to beef them up.
First came the SRS with it's almighty bomb-proof bash guard. Then came the LG-1, which gave a welcome weight saving. However, it also left the bottom of your chain ring hanging out there, waiting for the rocks to come and have a go.

The boomerang of the LG-1 has some handy holes in it. Word has it these holes are there to allow you to tighten up your chainring bolts without the backplate getting in the way. It wasn't long before some bright kiddo chopped a supercharger bashguard in half and bolted it on. Bingo! No more exposed chainring - but half the weight.

The Taco takes this DIY approach and refines it. More of a 1/4 bash than a 1/2 bash, it puts the material exactly where it's needed and gives a good light weight solution.

Earlier this year the LG-1 started shipping complete with the Taco as part of the package. Now this little chappy comes in on his own and you can pick one up to beef up your LG-1 without busting out the hacksaw and dremel.

Simple and neat, it comes complete with a pair of long reach chain ring bolts to mount it to the back plate. The whole lot is only 74g, which will slow you down a whole lot less than splitting your chain on a rock!

Due to the dedicated nature of the Taco, it also makes use of a lower profile format over the DIY half-bash solutions. This tucks it in a little closer to the chain ring and the overlap will also back up the guard in case of a direct hit - load will go into the backplate instead of the bolts.

Available in sizes and colours to suit your taste, the Taco retails at 29.95.

e13 are distributed in the UK by Silverfish.

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