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Five Ten expand shoe range for 2009

Five Ten expand shoe range for 2009

Here's a preview of the range from Five Ten. Considering Five Ten entered the riding market with a single shoe, the size of the 2009 range is impressive and shows their commitment to the riding market. They've come a long way but I'm sure riders will remain divided on the styling.
Hopefully the gripping prowess of the now legendary Impact sole needs no introduction. It certainly doesn't on the race circuit where performance trumps looks every time and most flat pedal riders are shod with these sticky rubber wonder shoes.

However there's no point hiding it - the styling is not to everyone's taste. The design people at Five Ten have pulled out all the stops and I got a chance to see the latest samples around the time they were being shown at Eurobike.

Full range - Impacts, signature Impacts, Freeride and Basics

The range has expanded significantly, which can only be a good thing as it shows Five Ten are firmly committed to developing the riding market.

A gallery of all the new styles is here.

Quick details

Are you bold enough to rock the Rennies?

The Rennie is pretty wild - patent snakeskin effect leather in black with a shiny red inner face!

Sam Hill's shoe gets a new lacing system with plastic d-loops on the mid section. The white/green will look stunning with my Commencal VIP framesets!

Kovarik joins Rennie and Hill with the signature shoe - the Karver. It's going to have a velcro lace flap which will no doubt keep the UK leather at bay for a little longer than usual! This is the only one I didn't see as it's still in development.

Girlie boots - Sizes 3-10.

A 'lady' shoe enters the range. Sized down to a 5 (and up to 10), this is a kind of high-low (or low-mid!) with raised ankle protection on the inside only.

3 Freeride shoes are added - the sole is slightly different and offers a little less grip and the look is more skate shoe inspired. Choose from black/white scribble, burgundy or grey. I'm loving the scribble ones!

The standard Impact remains the same.

Tactical Impacts

Lurking toward the back of the catalogue was something slightly different - the tactical range. Developed for the military, police and special forces, these shoes are a bit different!

Check out the spec from the catalogue - no reflective logos for those stealth activities (or Pro photoshoots - no more flash flare off the brand, being Pro is all in the detail!) and parachute silk laces.

The desert tactical in sand colour look ideal for any downhillers looking for extra pedal grip while on manoeuvres in Afghanistan!

Pricing and availability

The shoes shown are samples only and the range is subject to final tweaks following dealer feedback.

They are currently due for availability in 'Spring'.

Unfortunately, you'll need to look out for further price rises too. More information will be on gravity-slaves as and when we get it.

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