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PunctureGuard tubless tyre sealant

by Phil on 10th December 2009

Running tubeless? Then the non-drying, application specific, eco friendly PunctureGuard from Rapid Racer Products could be worth a look. Available in XC and DH flavours, read on for more info.
Remember the NeoGuard from Rapid Racers? Well, the team have been working on a new product and this one promises to fix another annoying problem - punctures!

I've been running tubeless for XC duties since I got my Shimano AM wheelset running. I was getting a flat every other ride until I switched and for XC, I'm a total convert. Now, my biggest problem is when the bike is left in the cellar between rides and the tires slowly deflate. Hopefully, that's where PunctureGuard will come into it's own.

Sold in two 'flavours', this claims to be the first application specific sealant. The DH formula has larger particles to protect against snakebites, while the XC version seals thorn punctures better.

It's also non-drying, non caustic and environmentally friendly. Sounds great!

The 250ml bottle (enough for 4 tyres) comes with a handy applicator tube and the top cap also doubles as a valve core remover.

Recently tested by the Trek World Racing Team, I'll be putting it through the wringer this winter on the rocky Peak night rides that aren't kind to wheels. I'll fire up the compressor and give the DH a whirl on the back tyre and XC in the front and report back soon!

For more information about PunctureGuard, click here.

Stocks are expected 11th December.

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