we're just larkin' abart on push-irons!

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Contact the website team

Please read this page before you get in contact with us...

Due to the amount of mail we recieve, if you have a general question about the sport rather than the site, your best plan is to log on to the forum. There are plenty of people there (often us!) who can answer questions on events, riding spots, technical queries or what to buy.

If you have a more specific question and need to get in contact with someone from the site, please use one of the e-mail links below:

Got an article or report? Mail the editor.

Summat bust on the site? Mail the webmaster.

Want us to plug your company? Click here to advertise.

Please note, we try our best to reply to all mail. However, we do not tolerate unsolicited spam, addition to other mailing lists, random abuse or request for free stuff (we have none to give away - not even stickers!). Mails on these topics will be deleted.

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