dirt and downhill mountain biking

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Site Disclaimer

Hopefully this is not required but in these litigious days where kids sue just for being kids, we thought we had better watch our asses! Here goes...


This website features Downhill Mountain Bike Riding. Whilst being an absolute blast, this is an inherently dangerous sport and the riding style depicted herein is not recommended to anyone who does not enjoy a lifestyle involving a high level of adrenaline. Injuries can and do occur. Should you enter into any riding of this style following viewing this site, gravity-slaves accept no responsibility for any consequences. Always wear suitable protection - full face helmet and body armour is recommended. You have been warned....!

Site Content

The content on this page is by no means factually correct and is purely the opinion of the author(s). Articles are accepted and published in good faith. It is up to the individual to validate any information herein before acting on it. So, if those forks snap, the trails you drove miles to see aren't there or the race was last weekend not next - it's not our fault!

We respect the copyright of other sites and all externally submitted material is evaluated before it is run. Should we feel it violates the copyright of another site, we will not run it. However, information supplied in good faith is sometimes subject to copyright that we are not aware of. If this is the case and material is used incorrectly please inform the webmaster. We are happy to credit where it is due (and expect the same in return).

On a lighter note

All that aside, downhill and dirt riding is mint. It means keeping fit, having a blast and a bad days riding beats a good day at work any day. If you are willing to take risks, push the limits and rip a little then good luck and enjoy!

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