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PunctureGuard tubless tyre sealant
Running tubeless? Then the non-drying, application specific, eco friendly PunctureGuard from Rapid Racer Products could be worth a look. Available in XC and DH flavours, read on for more info.
VholdR helmet camera / headcam review
Video cameras are a perfect way to capture footage of riders in action until you want to convey a bit more than how you look - and show how it actually feels to be you! Forget 3rd person, 1st person is where it is at...
Mountain Biking Europe mtb guidebook
According to the press release, MTB is the fastest growing sport in the UK. On the back of this trail centres and holiday companies are springing up to cater for the increasing numbers. If you're planning a trip and are either one of the newcomers to the sport or an experienced rider looking for variety, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Fortunately someone has put together just the solution you need before planning your next riding trip.
2009 Saint crankset
It's a while since the press embargo broke and even longer since I was pedalling some of these round a carpark in the Midlands. Finally, product is almost on the shelves and I've had a chance to have a first look, which is more of a second look really...
Tacos chainring guard from e13
The e13 LG-1 is pretty much the definitive light weight chain guide on the DH circuit right now. It's much lighter than the old SRS but lacked any bash guard. Taco's are now available to beef them up.
Shimano announce 2009 Saint groupset
Back in February I was invited to a press conference in the Midlands. The signing of a press embargo indicated something pretty special was going to be launched to the world. The embargo date has arrived and I can now share the news - here are details of the all new 2009 Saint groupset.
Reverse FLi XXL super wide low rise bars
Wide bars. Just a fad? I jump on the band wagon to see if the latest crop of wide bars are fashion over function. Wide curious? Check it out and make your own mind up!
NeoGuard ship in different sizes
I checked out the first NeoGuard, suitable for DH forks, here. Since then, the Rapid Racing crew have been busy - the rest of the range have hit the shores.

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