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Chain splitting - simple tool tip
It's been a while since I've put up a quick workshop tip but last time I was faffing around trying to replace a chain, I made this simple little tool. Super simple, probably free and may save you some swearing. What's not to like?
Ghetto wheeljig
Keeping your wheels riding tight need not cost a fortune in expensive tools. This wheel jig has more than earned it's keep, building wheels for the various DH riders on teams I've ridden for in the last few years.
Bottom bracket shell facing
It's been a while since I posted a quick workshop tip - and this one is a quickie! Got yourself a spangly new frame? Get the BB faced up properly!
HOPE freehub tip
How come things are so much easier to take apart than put back together? You know that feeling when you wonder "What's in here?" and all sorts of springs and stuff drop on the floor. Here's a quick way to put the pawls back in your HOPE freehub.
Tyre direction
Having spent 2000 on your bike and up to 40 per tyre, you need to maximise the work that those 2 square inches of rubber that contact the ground are doing for you. It's all you got to rely on.
Zip tie peak repairs
Another super simple top tip to keep your kit running sweet! Cracked the peak on your D2? Join the club - but fear not as Factory Col shows you how to keep it Fly!
SPY goggles strap removal
This is one of those simple tricks that are obvious if you know it - embrassing when you realise you don't! Jon_e showed Marples who showed me how he keeps his goggles looking pimp. Whip the strap off and slap it in the washer...
Goodridge hose and pads
With a forthcoming trip to Whistler and rumours of Freight Train featuring 15 minutes of down, memories of dunking my bike in a river in France to combat brake heating came flooding back. I needed the optimum in stopping performance - so went for a complete brake overhaul. With promises of improved power and greater heat transfer, there was only one choise for the hoses. The 'workshop' looks at how the upgrade to Goodridge hoses and brake pads went, ready for next weeks proper workout!

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